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Uniform Rules for N.Y.S. Trial Courts

PART 217. Access To Court Interpreter Services for Persons With Limited English Proficiency

§217.1 Obligation to appoint interpreter in court proceedings in the trial courts.

(a) In all civil and criminal cases, when a court determines that a party or witness, or an interested parent or guardian of a minor party in a Family Court proceeding, is unable to understand and communicate in English to the extent that he or she cannot meaningfully participate in the court proceedings, the court shall appoint an interpreter. The court may permit an interpreter to interpret by telephone or live audiovisual means.

(b) A person with limited English proficiency, other than a person testifying as a witness, may waive a court-appointed interpreter, with the consent of the court, if the person provides his or her own interpreter.

§217.2 Provision of interpreting services in clerk's offices.

A court clerk shall provide interpreting services to a person with limited English proficiency seeking assistance at the court clerk's office in accordance with the needs of the person seeking assistance and the availability of court interpreting services. Such services may be provided by telephone or live audiovisual means.

Historical Note
Added Section 217 on Oct. 16, 2007.

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