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The Exam Process

I. EXAMS OPEN FOR FILING (Apply to take an exam):

The filing period for Court Interpreter (Spanish) Examination 45-788 begins Tuesday, June 30, 2015 and ends Wednesday, July 29, 2015. The examination will be administered statewide on September 19, 2015. Please read the examination announcement carefully before submitting an application. An application is considered successfully filed upon immediate receipt of an Application ID Number. Admission Notices will be e-mailed to applicants on or about September 9, 2015. Please add to your address book to ensure receipt of all correspondence. The application processing fee is NON-REFUNDABLE.




II. PENDING EXAMS (Filing Period Closed):


III. TAKE THE EXAM: Applicants are emailed Admission Notices no later than seven days prior to the examination date. The Admission Notice contains the test site address, test time and general instructions.

IV. RECEIVE EXAM RESULTS: Applicants are emailed Results Notices generally seven to nine months after the examination date.

Statewide Examination Schedule*
Title & Salary Grade Type of Exam Filing
Sept 19, 2015 Court Interpreter (Spanish) (JG-18) Open-Competitive June 30, 2015 - July 29, 2015
Oct 24, 2015

Law Library Clerk (JG-14)

Law Library Assistant (JG-16)





*The scheduling of Examinations is subject to change.

General Information

OPEN-COMPETITIVE EXAMINATIONS are open to all qualified applicants, including members of the general public and employees of the New York State Unified Court System.
PROMOTIONAL EXAMINATIONS are limited to qualified employees of the New York State Unified Court System.

A non-refundable $30 filing fee is charged for all open-competitive examinations. A waiver of the fee requirement is made for employees of the New York State Unified Court System and those who fall into other categories set forth on the examination announcement.

The issuance of an examination announcement and the opening of the filing period usually occur about three to six months prior to the scheduled examination date. This filing period is at least four weeks long. If you choose to take an examination you must submit an application during the filing period.

The application must be submitted online only during the filing period. An email address and credit or debit card are required for successful submission. Separate applications must be submitted if an applicant is applying to more than one examination.

An examination announcement may be viewed or downloaded from this website during the filing period of the examination until the date of the examination.

Civil Service Administration
For further information contact us by email:

You may write to us at:
Civil Service Administration
Office of Court Administration
25 Beaver Street, Room 1047
New York, NY 10004

Exam History

Eligible lists are in existence for four years and may be extended for one additional year. Consistent with civil service rules, passing candidates will be canvassed in rank order when there is a vacancy to be filled. Questions regarding the test should be submitted to

Candidates who wish to modify their location preference, address, phone number or other information should contact

NYS Court Officer-Trainee Examination 45-784 was held October 18 & December 13, 2014 throughout New York State.  Additional information concerning the examination is available at .   

NYS Court Officer-Trainee Examination 45-758 was held October 24 & December 12, 2009 throughout New York State.

Court Officer-Trainee Eligible List 45-758 has been established July 28, 2010. Result Notices have been mailed to all applicants.  Any applicant who did not receive a test score in the mail should email

Additional information concerning the Court Officer-Trainee pre and post process is located at

Exam Title Eligible List Eligible List Established

Associate Court Clerk (JG-23)

Principal Court Clerk (JG-26)



May 3, 2013

Associate Surrogate's Court Clerk (JG-23)

Principal Surrogate's Court Clerk (JG-26)



December 5, 2013
Court Assistant (JG-16) 45-762 December 8, 2011

Court Clerk (JG-18)

Senior Court Clerk (JG-21)



November 21, 2013

Court Interpreter (Spanish) (JG-18)


January 28, 2011

Court Office Assistant (JG-8)


Senior Court Office Assistant (JG-12)






November 18, 2014

Court Reporter (JG-24)

45-764 November 4, 2011
Court Revenue Assistant (JG-14) 55-777 March 7, 2014
Data Recording Assistant (JG-8) 45-780 April 17, 2014

Law Librarian (JG-20)

Senior Law Librarian (JG-24)




February 28, 2012
NYS Court Officer-Lieutenant (JG-22) 55-785 June 30, 2015
NYS Court Officer-Sergeant (JG-19) 55-781 June 12, 2014
Senior Court Reporter (JG-27)



December 16, 2011

Senior Data Recording Assistant (JG-12)

Supervising Data Recording Assistant (JG-16)

Senior Supervising Data Recording Assistant (JG-18)




June 5, 2012
Supervising Court Office Assistant (JG-16) 55-763 December 8, 2011

Surrogate's Court Clerk (JG-18)

Senior Surrogate's Court Clerk (JG-21)



November 10, 2011

Promotional Examination Seniority Credits For Unified Court System Employees

Successful promotional examination candidates will have seniority credits added to their examination results based upon their length of continuous permanent service in the New York State Unified Court System. Credits are computed from the date of the examination and will be added to candidates' passing results.

Appointments and Systems Management Office
For information regarding rank #, score, location preference, or post-exam address change, please email or fax 646-963-6619

Per-Diem Court Interpreters For Languages Other Than Spanish

Candidates are required to pass a multiple-choice written examination assessing English Language Proficiency and basic Legal Terminology, which covers the following areas: Reading and Understanding Written Material - Sentence Completion and Paragraph Comprehension; Grammar and Language Usage; Vocabulary - Synonyms and Antonyms; Idiomatic Expressions; and, Legal Terminology.

Candidates who are successful in this examination are invited to take an oral examination which is currently administered in the following languages: Albanian, Arabic, BCS (Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian), Bengali, Cantonese, French, Greek, Haitian Creole, Hebrew, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, Polish, Portuguese, Punjabi, Russian, Urdu, Vietnamese and Wolof. Candidates interested in interpreting languages that are not listed above are required to submit appropriate professional references and/or academic credentials that relate to their interpreting skills.

The Written English Proficiency Exam is scheduled once a year, usually early summer. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.

*NOTE to applicants who were invited to the June 2015 Written English Exam (for languages other than Spanish) but who did not appear to take the exam: In order to be included or invited to the NEXT court interpreter exam, you must submit a new application.

Questions regarding exam results and address changes can be forwarded to Per-Diem Court Interpreter

Download the Per-Diem Application Form
The form must be completed and mailed directly to:

Office of Language Access
Office of Court Administration
Division of Professional and Court Services
25 Beaver Street - 8th floor
New York, NY 10004

Spanish Language Court Interpreter

In order to be employed as a permanent Spanish Language Court Interpreter in the NYS Unified Court System, applicants must pass the written and oral tests of the open-competitive Civil Service examination for Court Interpreter (Spanish) and undergo a criminal background investigation (a fee is associated with the background check). Successful candidates are also eligible to be placed on the Registry of Per Diem Court Interpreters for Spanish.

Civil Service lists are in existence for four years and may be extended for one additional year. The Court Interpreter (Spanish) list was established January 28, 2011. The next Court Interpreter (Spanish) written test is scheduled to be held on September 19, 2015. The examination announcement and on-line examination application will be accessible at during the open-filing period.

Through our reciprocity provisions, one may also qualify to work on a freelance or as needed basis as a Per Diem Court Interpreter for Spanish throughout the court system. You can find additional information about reciprocity provisions at

If you believe that you may qualify via a reciprocity provision, please submit both the Application for Language Skills Screening and the Examination Waiver/Reciprocity Form with the appropriate supporting documentation.

Reciprocity and Exam Waiver
Interpreters possessing out-of-state court interpreter certification may apply for state reciprocity. Information regarding reciprocity and exam waiver can be found at Informational Sheet. Applicants seeking reciprocity or exam waiver must complete the Per-Diem Application Form and the Exam Waiver/Reciprocity Form. All forms, certified copies of examination results, certificates and/or credentials that can be verified must be mailed to Office of Language Access.

For more information go to Office of Language Access

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