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Delinquent Registration

Notice to the Bar

Judiciary Law §468-a requires that every attorney admitted to practice in the State of New York register biennually with the Chief Administrator of the Courts.

Additionally, a registration fee of $375 is mandated except for attorneys who certify to the Chief Administrator of the Courts that they have retired from the practice of law.

Attorneys who default in this obligation are subject to the imposition of discipline by the Appellate Division. Office of Court Administration records indicate that several thousand lawyers admitted in or who work in the First Department are currently in default of Judiciary Law §468-a.

The Suspension Lists, which appear below, contain the names, last registered addresses, and oath dates of those attorneys admitted in or who work in the First Department and required to pay the biennial registration fee who were named on the Default Lists and failed to register and pay all outstanding fees, or provide proof of prior registration and payment of such fees, within thirty (30) days of the last date of the published notice. Attorneys whose names appear on the Suspension List, must refrain and desist from the practice of law in any form, are forbidden to appear as attorneys before any court, and are forbidden to give to another an opinion as to the law or its application, effective immediately and until further order of the Court.

Reinstatement procedure - how to apply for reinstatement.

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